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1717 Arts Plaza #1802 Dallas TX 75201

+1 214-893-3293

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Healing Arts Workshop

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Upcoming Workshops

Saturday, April 23 1-4pm

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1007 Ft. Worth Avenue
Dallas, TX 75208

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Welcome to a workshop designed to start you on a healing journey. Whether it’s from the loss of a loved one, COVID separation or anything  else in your life that requires mending, this workshop aims to bring peace.

Since our daughter Eleanor died by suicide in May 2021, I have struggled with what to do with her clothing. She had such fun shirts and I can’t bear to let them go. When I was traveling through Asheville last fall, I had the pleasure of visiting a large Folk Art Center, where I was introduced to the idea of “meditative mending.”  I instantly knew I had a plan for the shirts. After 3 months of no progress, I decided I could make progress in community with others, and so this workshop started to form. I’m eager to embark on this work with others who need healing or who just want to get artful and contribute to some great organizations.

You don’t have to be an artist to attend, but you will leave with one or more pieces of fabric art created by you. Specifically, you will use a technique called “slow stitching” or “meditative mending” to take scraps of fabric, thread, buttons, beads and small trinkets and create a piece of art which can then be framed or made into a pillow, coaster or other cherished item. You can either keep your finished pieces for yourself and/or donate to our foundation to auction at an upcoming fundraiser. 

Who Benefits

  • YOU! You’ll create a cherished piece of art to keep or donate, you’ll collaborate with new and old friends, and you’ll leave with a refreshed attitude and sense of peace.
  • OK2BX: Financial proceeds from the workshop will benefit OK2BX.​ Additionally, if you decide to donate some of your pieces, the OK2BX Foundation will auction them at a fundraiser.

All materials to create your artwork will be provided, as well as snacks and drinks, but you are free to bring your own fabric, buttons, beads, small trinkets or photos if you want to include them in your artwork.

NOTE: If you are not a fan of sewing, we will also have fabric glue and hot glue guns to support you!