The mission of the OK2BX Foundation is to support and advocate for inclusivity. OK2BX stands for “It’s Okay to Be Extraordinary” and the belief behind OK2BX is that all of the little things a person does each day to promote inclusivity will ultimately make for one extraordinary life – and one beautiful world.

Our Motivation

The OK2BX Foundation was created to honor our daughter and sister Eleanor who took her life in May 2021 at the young age of 17. Every day as Eleanor and her siblings Carson and Spencer were headed out for the day, their father Brent would yell “It’s Okay to Be Extraordinary.”

Eleanor embodied everything OK2BX stands for. She made an impact on so many people. She cared what people thought and how they fit in. She had a habit of “calling people in” instead of “calling them out” when she didn’t agree with their view. She made people feel included and comfortable, and she was considered a best friend by many. Our hope is that the foundation will carry on her legacy of inclusivity.

-The Bolding Family

Our Work

Support organizations that advocate for inclusivity

Provide scholarships and grants to graduating seniors who have demonstrated inclusivity

Host a film festival that showcases inclusivity